Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Vanita, a banker who took the plunge into mommy-hood and being a full time home maker, and then took an even deeper plunge into entrepreneurship and being a chef and restaurateur. It truly has been a journey, and through these years I have learnt so much – in terms of life lessons, hands on tasks in baking and culinary skills, people management, troubleshooting, and just in general, keeping calm, making an objective decision, and moving on!

So, here I am, adding a little “BLOG” section on my website to be able to banter a little bit about and share all the tips, tricks, myths and must-haves for your journey - be it in your home kitchen or in a commercial one.

First off, I am happy to have questions being asked, or topics you would like to know more about. This will give me fuel for my next post, and then my next and so on. Obviously, all my answers will stem from my own experiences, research and usage. Other people can have their views, and lets not battle about which is better!